Timeframe Settings

This tickable function show allows the user to choose which timeframes of liquidation data they wish to plot on their chart. This timeframe option only affects the Liquidation Levels and not the Liquidation Bands. 


Daily - Default on and plots Daily liquidation levels

Weekly - Default on and plots Weekly liquidation levels

Monthly - Default on and plots Monthly liquidation levels 

Yearly - Default on and plots Yearly liquidation levels

For intraday/week traders we recommend focusing on lower timeframe liquidations such as the Daily and Weekly

For higher-timeframe traders and investors, we recommend looking at the Monthly and Yearly levels as a general reference for price movement. 

Liquidation Settings

This allows the user to choose between showing only Long Trades or Short Trades and is the default.

The color change options are defaulted to the key below, but can be changed to any color the trader wishes to utilize.

The Style option allows the user to choose between Solid, Dotted, or Dashed Lines to show the timeframe of liquidation levels