Liquidations Functions and Settings

This section is a breakdown of each part of the indicator, how the indicator setting changes affect the chart, and how to use each part of the indicator.

Timeframe Liquidation Data

These settings let the user adjust between showing liquidation levels and liquidation bands as well as selecting the timeframe of liquidation levels they wish to show on their chart.

Liquidation Levels

Liquidation Data Modes:Levels - This is the default setting for the Liquidations Indicator, it shows the liquidation levels as plotted lines on the chart and is shown for each timeframe selected.

The Liquidation Levels are effective at showing higher timeframe movement of Price Action as other traders' positions are liquidated from high leverage to low leverage

Liquidation Bands

The Liquidation Bands are effective at showing lower timeframe movement of Price Action as liquidation levels are constantly recalculated to the movement of price. 

Bands - This shows a moving average of the liquidation levels as it coincides with the current Price Action.