How to Use - Harmony Oscillator

The Harmony Oscillator visually shows Strength and Trend as it related to the current Price Action. 

The Upper and Lower bands on the Oscillator act as s sort of heat map and as Strength and Trend approach the Upper Band or Lower Band the colors will become more vibrant. As the Strength and Trend Bands move down the Brighter Red Colors indicate a potential Bottom on the current move.  As the Strength and Trend Bands move up the Brighter Green Colors indicate a potential Top on the current move. 

Other significant signals are the Strong Reversal (yellow colored dots), Cross Change (purple colored dots), and Trend Change (aqua colored dots). A Bullish or Bearish shift in the trend is shown by a blue dot and depending on whether this is higher in the chart or lower in the chart can be a leading indicator for a Trend change, Strong Reversal dots will activate when there is a significant change in the movement, and Cross Change indicates Strength breaking above or below the Trendline. 

The more points of information better show changes in Strength and Trend

As an example, if Strength and Trend are moving fully to the upside or downside then the user should look for other signals such as Cross Change, Trend Change, and Strong Reversal indicators. More of these signals together generate “Confluence” in that a general reversal is potentially occurring. Another factor to improve finding Reversals is Regular Divergences which can be leading indicators for a Price Reversal.