Alert Message Text

This allows the user to add a specific alert message to the indicator.

The Trendmaster - Core Signals Indicator has a very easy-to-customize alert system. This section, Alert Message Text allows custom fields to be entered into 4 separate fields for the 4 types of Alerts. 

The 4 Alert Messages are:
Long Entry
Long Exit
Short Entry
Short Exit

This means that adding an alert to core signals can be adjusted in the indicator. A user can customize the text in each of the 4 Alert Message boxes that will activate that specific message on the activation of any of those 4 Alert conditions. After customizing or using the default text in the Alert Message Text area of the indicator a user will add an alert to the indicator. In the Create Alert popup simply select any Alert Actions that you would like to include. This means 4 separate Alert functions will fire from 1 single alert.

This can be highly effective when trying to simplify the number of alerts that are active on a person’s tradingview and effectively created 4 signals in 1 alert function.