Core Signals Overview

Trendmaster Core Signals is a true standalone, all-in-one indicator system. The Signals themselves can be heavily customized and are optimized for the Price Action of Bitcoin and Ethereum but can be used on any trading pair and in any market.

The Indicator is also built to be FULLY AUTOMATED meaning the signals can be connected to any system for algorithmic trading. This means that anyone with the technical knowledge to use a system that connects Tradingview to an exchange can do so with ease.

This Indicator uses a heavily programmed combination of Price Action, Volatility, and supporting function to give all traders from beginners to advanced the ability to take advantage of good market conditions. 

The main function of the indicator is to signal Buy(Long), Sell(Short), and Exit signals depending on the market conditions and Price Action of any trading pair. 

The supporting functions are light technical tools to add confluence to the main signals.