Auto Charting Tools Overview

Trendmaster Auto Charting combines many charting functions into one tool that automatically plots all of the important data that any trader would want directly onto their chart. This is not only a time-saving tool in general but effectively removes any guesswork regarding finding and plotting important levels. This tool is also a great “Confluence” tool with other Trendmaster Indicators as multiple information points converge to show key levels for price reversal.

This Tool is designed to work on EVERY trading pair listed on Tradingview to effectively show key levels automatically.

Some of the Tools in this Indicator are:Auto S/R (Support/Resistance) LevelsAuto Volume Blocks Swing PointsCandle Identifier High Timeframe OpensAuto Fibonacci RetracementsAuto Trendlines Price Projection - “Experimental”Daily, Weekly, Monthly RangesGlobal Market Sessions - New York, London, Asia