How To Use Auto Charting Tools

The Trendmaster - Auto Charting Tools is a highly customizable Indicator that shows key levels as they relate to the Current Price Action. Some of the most important tools to use are the Timeframe Opens and the S & R Levels as they show the higher timeframe important levels on the current Trading Pair.

Using those 2 Tools as a base and then testing other aspects of the indicator the goal should be to create a “Confluence” of those key levels. An example of this would be if a Weekly S & R Level coincides with several Timeframe Opens that also happen to be a Swing Point and a Daily Range High creates “Confluence” for the relevance of that level. The more “Confluence” a level has increases the probability that the level will be important concerning reversals, gains, and failures.

On lower timeframes tools such as Price Projection and Trendlines can show moving levels of Support and Resistance and show potential points of reversal.

Combining multiple points of “Confluence” to highlight key levels for potential reversals or breakouts and do it instantly and automatically saves time for the trader as they scan through the different Trading Pairs that they are interested in trading.